Cboard and OTTAA project, both portfolio companies of the UNICEF Innovation Fund, have been working together for the past few months to amplify impact.

The OTTAA project, like Cboard, is a tool for people with speech and language impairments that allows users to communicate using pictograms. The Ottaa project tool features include predictive AAC, social networks integration, geolocation settings that automatically get related pictograms when nearing a certain place, and is of course fully customizable.

How does this relate to Cboard, you may ask. Well, the OTTAA project has an interdisciplinary team of developers, engineers, and speech therapists and they have significant experience working with AAC software and hardware development, and have expertise in Android app development. Furthermore, they are also based in Córdoba, Argentina (which is also where most of the Cboard team is based). We had worked together in the past and taking this next step in collaboration was a very easy decision.

This is why Cboard has joined forces with them to continue working on improving with their support. Cboard will continue to function as is, while we work behind the scenes with the OTTAA Project team to improve the platform based on a combination of their expertise and user feedback. This collaboration is aimed at collaborating on business solutions and on scaling market share and impact to ultimately help as many people as possible with our AAC solutions.

We look forward to continuing to work together!

Joined Forces

Katrina Cohen Cosentino